Information for School Pupils

Interested in studying law?

First things first... 

If you're interested in studying law and you attend one of the 46 state schools in Edinburgh and the Lothians, consider joining Pathways to the Professions.  Pathways helps students from s4 onwards and can provide support as well as an insight into studying law and the legal profession.  For more information, click here.

If you attend one of the schools in the Borders or Forth Valley listed on the Reach website then definitely consider joining Reach for insights, information and support.

If you have not yet done so, make sure you are registered with Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS).  LEAPS operates in the Lothians and the Borders so check their website here.

Do your research!

Visit as many open days as you can.  There is nothing more useful than actually visiting a campus and seeing what it's like and how you feel there.

Try and find out about all the different careers you can go into with a law degree.  It's not just for people who want to be lawyers. 

Work Experience

Gaining work experience in Law can seem difficult and you can sometimes feel like you are getting nowhere.  Fear not!  We've put together a little guide to gaining work experience and how to make the most of the options available to you.  This Pathways to the Professions guide is geared towards gaining experience of Scots Law but a lot of the information could be applied to the rest of the UK.