Old College Law Campaign

In November 2014, Edinburgh Law School launched one of the most ambitious projects ever seen in its 300-year history.

The Law School unveiled its five-year campaign to propel the School into the world’s top 10 through a programme of significant investment and fundraising.

At the centrepiece of the campaign is an exciting project to transform Old College into a state-of-the-art space appropriate for the world-leading teaching, learning and research that the School is renowned for.

The design will reflect the needs of a modern-day university, while honouring the building’s fascinating heritage that is so entwined with the history of the Law School itself.

 Old College project: key dates

 The schedule for the Old College refurbishment project is:

  • Autumn 2015: building work begins
  • Summer 2016: occupants of the north side of Old College move out
  • December 2017: building work is completed
  • 2018-19 academic year: the new-look Law School opens for business

Philanthropic giving

The Old College Law Campaign seeks philanthropic support for:

  • A new law library at Old College to ensure Edinburgh students have an exceptional environment in which to study;
  • An enhanced scholarship and bursary programme to attract the most talented lawyers, judges and scholars of the future;
  • An extension of student-led pro bono work providing free access to justice for the local community.

1789 Foundation

We also invite people to make their mark on the new building by joining the 1789 Foundation.

You can save your place in the oldest lecture theatre in Old College with a gift of £1,789 to name a seat. This lecture theatre will be beautifully and sensitively refurbished as part of the Old College refurbishment.

1789 of course holds great significance for the Law School as the year that the foundation stone for Old College was laid. 

Find out more

To keep up to date with the Old College Campaign or the Old College refurbishment project we suggest you visit our dedicated websites about the project: