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Early World Intellectual Property Day presentation to Primary 2 pupils

As part of the forthcoming 'World Intellectual Property Day', Dr Abbe Brown, lecturer in IT law, explored the themes of invention, sharing and reward with an innovative and inspiring class of 6 year olds from the Lothians area. 

Those anxious about the future of our knowledge economy would be reassured by the range of inventions developed by the  pupils - with a strong focus on robots to avoid chores and homework; and those who struggle with the appropriate power of IP owners will be pleased to see the pupils' identification of the key issues: "it's fair to share", "I wouldn't charge", "I want to be rich" and "It's mine and I should be in charge of who owns it".

World IP day is on 26 April  and Abbe will be celebrating this by visiting a Primary 7 class.

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