Students, staff and the public given the chance to learn in creative new ways

The University of Edinburgh’s Festival of Creative Learning week takes place this week, with events being held across the University giving staff, students and members of the public the chance to work together and learn new skills.

Edinburgh Law School is hosting a series of events designed to get people thinking and learning about the Law in new and creative ways.

Tuesday 21 February

Women across the University who work on issues related to gender, global health and/or justice are invited to participate in a Wikipedia editathon. This will be an opportunity to increase gender and diversity representation within the Wikipedia community and to contribute to the information, knowledge and expertise of wikipedia as members of Edinburgh University.

The Edinburgh Vis Moot team will give a presentation of the case scenario of this year's moot problem and will showcase practice pleadings in preparation of their performance in Vienna.

The student audience will be given a feedback sheet with criteria to comment on and is asked to reflect on the presenter's performance and give feedback.

Wednesday 22 February

Over the years, football and law have become increasingly interrelated. This event aims to interest football fans in the law, or lawyers to football, or both. It will run through selected case studies lying at the intersection between these two fascinating universes, with the support of experts in both fields. 

Participants can expect: banter, triva, low-resolution clips, unmoderated discussion and, occasionally, some competent views on what happened to Cantona when he kung-fu-kicked a fan, or whether Chelsea could actually prevent Courtois from playing in Chelsea - Atletico Madrid, why Bosman might be the most important player ever, etc.

Thursday 23 February

This event delves into the world of pop culture behemoths The Kardashians, using footage and archival material, to better understand neoliberalism at its extremes, gender fluidity and the decline of hegemonic masculinity, as well as hierarchies of victimisation underlined by the recent Kardashian jewel heist. Edinburgh University Criminologist Dr Gemma Flynn and Practical Theologist Rev Dr Leah Robinson will use their research and relevant conceptual works to make the case that academia ought to better endeavour to keep up with The Kardashians.

Friday 24 February

When health care professionals receive a patient’s predictive genetic information should they owe a legal duty to disclose this information to genetic relatives?

The Mason Institute warmly invites you to attend the Great Medico-Legal Debate 2017 where debate rivals, University of Edinburgh and Glasgow will consider issues of privacy, autonomy, and the physician-patient relationship arising over medical genetics.

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