Professor Graeme Laurie awarded £1 million research grant from Wellcome Trust

Edinburgh Law School is delighted to announce that Professor Graeme Laurie, Chair of Medical Jurisprudence and Founding Director of the Mason Institute, has been awarded a £1 million five-year research grant from the Wellcome Trust as part of its Senior Investigator Award Scheme in Medical Humanities.

The Trust aims to support the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities. The prestigious Senior Investigator initiative supports exceptional, world-class researchers to address the most important questions about health and disease, promoting the Wellcome Trust’s Strategic Plan of achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health.

Professor Laurie’s research programme is about “Confronting the Liminal Spaces of Health Research Regulation”.

According to Professor Laurie:

"[t]he challenge that we face today as medical lawyers is how to achieve effective and proportionate regulation of health research, to serve the twin aims of protecting research participants and realising genuine public benefit. This project will bring together a team of anthropologists, sociologists, ethicists, and lawyers, working with a range of stakeholders and regulators, to examine the liminal spaces of the regulatory landscape, that is: the spaces in-between the rules and regulations, between the guidance and the governance practices, to learn lessons across health research sectors about how to deliver the Trust’s vision of achieving extraordinary improvements in human health."

The project will begin in October 2014.

Professor Laurie spoke about the Liminal Spaces project when he delivered the first annual JK Mason Lecture on the 40th anniversary of Professor Mason’s inaugural, given at the University of Edinburgh on 28th February 1974.

This lecture took place on Friday 28th February 2014.