Professor Avgouleas speaks to Brussels Global Law Week audiences

Professor Emilios Avgouleas, Chair of International Banking Law and Finance, has been speaking to audiences at Brussels Global Law Week on the topic of financial innovation and global governance.

Professor Avgouleas was the senior keynote speaker in the conference 'Towards a Global Financial Law?', which was a key part (as the Young Scholars' Event) of the Brussels Global Law Week (BGLW) on 22nd May at the Perelman Center of Legal Philosophy and Solvay Business School, Free University of Brussels.

Professor Avgouleas’ keynote titled ‘Financial Innovation and Global Governance: From Speculative to Sustainable Finance’ touched on the tremendous importance of financial innovation for global financial stability and economic prosperity and the need for simple and novel global structures to deal with the challenges raised by innovative finance.

Brussels Global Law Week was organised by the Perelman Center of Legal Philosophy, Free University of Brussels, Solvay Business School and the HEC Paris and comprised a week-long series of academic events and policy debates.

Professor Avgouleas spoke in a number events on global financial law in the context of the Brussels Global Law Week. The most prominent of which was the workshop Global Governance and Financial Regulation, organised by the Finance Club of Brussels, the Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy (ULB), Thomson Reuters, and New York Stock Exchange Euronext at the Reuters premises in the evening of 20th May.

For this workshop Professor Avgouleas teamed up with the Head of Prudential Supervision from the Central Bank of Belgium, a leading finance lawyer from practice, and a prominent finance professor to discuss the state of reform and the role of global regulation in stabilizing today's unstable markets. 

The conclusions of the Reuters workshop drew heavily on Professor Avgouleas's 2012 book on the Governance of Global Financial Markets.

This event and Brussels Global Law Week in general became the subject of special bulletins at both Reuters and the Brussels press.

Professor Avgouleas is Programme Director of the LLM in International Banking Law and Finance.

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