Professor Burkhard Schafer co-authors a major report presented to the German Ministry of Justice

Edinburgh Law School academic contributed to the report on AI and consumer protection law

Professor Burkhard Schafer, Director of the SCRIPT Centre, was one of the authors of a major new report on consumer protection law and algorithmic decision-making. The report was presented to the German Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, Dr. Katarina Barley, as part of the event "Recommendations for Fair Consumer Scoring". 

The 170 page study on "Technical and Legal Considerations of Algorithmic Decision Making", commissioned the Expert Council for Consumer Affairs (SVRV), was written by an interdisciplinary and international group of experts comprising lawyers and computer scientists, coordinated by the Gesellschaft für Informatik eV (GI).

The study addresses the issue of how to prevent discrimination in an increasingly ADM-driven economy, where many decisions are made by computer programs rather than by humans. Algorithmic decision-making processes are used, for example, to assess the creditworthiness of individuals (credit scoring) as well as for price determination in online trading (dynamic pricing).In its conclusion the report asks for a new certification authority, and outlines a range of options for its operation.