Professor Burkhard Schafer gives evidence to Law Society of England and Wales

Director of the SCRIPT Centre for IT and IP Law gave evidence on algorithms in the justice system

Edinburgh Law School's Burkhard Schafer, Professor of Computational Legal Theory and Director of the SCRIPT Centre for IT and IP Law, recently gave evidence to the Law Society of England and Wales.

Professor Schafer spoke to the Technology and the Law Policy Commission about algorithms in the justice system. The Commission, chaired by the Law Society's President, Christina Blacklaws, will examine what controls, if any, are needed to protect human rights and trust in the justice system.

Based on a recent report for the German Ministry of Justice on algorithms and consumer protection law, Prof. Schafer talked about the possibility of certifying legal AI applications in the same way in which current legal practitioners are certified, and the implications of this for the Law Society, providers of professional indemnity insurance, and the justice sector in general.

The Law Society has published a summary of evidence and a podcast of the session on their website.

Listen to Prof Schafer present his evidence here.