Professor Burkhard Schafer delivers keynote speeches in Mexico

Professor Burkhard Schafer has given two keynote speeches this month at international events in Mexico.

On 20th November Prof Schafer gave the invited Keynote Lecture at the IV Jornadas Internacionales de Filosofía del Derecho, held at the Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM. His talk, “The law, the whole law and nothing but the law? What legal theory can learn from the theory of science”, presented ideas developed as part of the AHRC funded “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” project, a collaboration between philosophers at The University of Glasgow and lawyers at The University of Edinburgh. 

On 24th November he delivered the Keynote Speech at the inaugural Congreso internacional sobre Investigacion en Pedagogia y Didactica del Derecho in Mexico City. His talk, "Lost in Translation? The potential of visualisation for teaching law to science students”, reflected on recent initiatives at The University of Edinburgh to strengthen the legal, ethical and societal aspects of the computer science curriculum. The conference, attended by over 300 law teachers, judges, practitioners and policy makers from across Latin America, aimed to raise the status of research in legal education, advance evidence based reform of legal pedagogy, and assist in the international and interdisciplinary exchange of “best practice”.

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