Prof Emilios Avgouleas speaks at Carnegie-Tsinghua on currency wars and global trade relations

Professor Emilios Avgouleas was the keynote speaker in a Beijing roundtable on global trade relations and policy reforms for the global economy hosted by the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy (Carnegie Global Peace Initiative and Tsinghua University) in September.

Prof Emilios Avgouleas 

The roundtable was chaired by Prof Shi Zhikin, the Director of the Belt and Road Strategy Center, political leader of Tsinghua, and former dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Politics. The audience included several senior PRC government officials and Beijing based foreign diplomats. The discussion addressed the vulnerabilities of the global economy to currency wars, trade disputes and financial deregulation. It aimed to provide insights into how the interplay of trade, monetary, investment, and fiscal policies shape the global economic system, and possible frameworks for global policy reforms within regional and international structures.

Profs Emilios Avgouleas and Shi Zhikin

Professors from the People's Bank of China Business School of Tsinghua joined Prof. Avgouleas for a discussion that was heavily engaged with by US, PRC and EU officials in the area of global trade. The Carnegie-Tsinghua Center has since published the minutes of the discussion which drove at the heart of US-PRC trade relations.

Prof Avgouleas’s paper on the matter is forthcoming in Avgouleas, Donald (eds), The Political Economy of Financial Regulation and an earlier version has been published as HKU working paper and can be found here.