PhD student wins the Google Award for Best Student Paper at the 2017 Bileta Conference

Conference was held in Braga, Portugal

Matt Jewell, a PhD candidate studying under the auspices of Edinburgh Law School's SCRIPT Centre of IT and IP Law has won the Google Award for Best Student Paper at the 2017 BILETA Conference in Braga, Portugal.

His paper "Contesting decision: Living in (and living with) the smart city" received the accolade despite strong competition from the Universities of Oxford and Kent. This is the second year in a row that Edinburgh Law School has taken home this prestigious award; Laurence Diver won the same prize at last year's conference.

The University was well represented at this event, with Professor Burkhard Schafer providing the keynote speech. His talk "Getting creative with legal AI: what computational creativity research can tell us about the nature of law and legal reasoning" drew on ideas from law, history, computer science, legal theory and cognitive science to elucidate the challenges that computer technology is creating for legal education.