Navraj Singh Ghaleigh speaks at Westminster on Brexit and Climate Change

Lecturer spoke at a special seminar on June 1, 2017

On 1 June 2017, Navraj Singh Ghaleigh, Senior Lecturer in Climate Law, spoke at a special seminar at the Houses of Parliament on Brexit and climate change.

The session, organised by House of Commons Library, explored Brexit, devolution and environmental policy divergence across the UK, as well as the Great Repeal Bill and environmental protections after Brexit. In attendance were researchers from the HoC Library and the Committee office; the Welsh Assembly Research Service (who also support relevant committees); the Scottish Parliamentary Information Centre (SPICe) who also support relevant committees; and the Northern Ireland Assembly research Service and the clerk of the Environment, Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee.

Other speakers at this event included Professor Richard Macrory (UCL) and Dr Victoria Jenkins (Swansea).