Mason Institute presents evidence to Parliamentary Committee on assisted suicide

Research being conducted at Edinburgh Law School’s Mason Institute is making a contribution to Scottish Government policy on assisted suicide.

Professor Graeme Laurie, Director of the Mason Institute, submitted evidence on behalf of the Institute to the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee on the current Assisted Suicide Bill.

Professor Laurie was then invited to give oral evidence following the Mason Institute’s symposium on the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill with Ampersand Advocates

You can view a recording of the proceedings here.

You can read the symposium report and the Mason Institute’s consultation response to find out more.

The Mason Institute will also be exploring this issue further during the ‘Great Medico-Legal Debate 2015: Should Scotland Legalise Assisted Suicide?’, which will take place on Thursday, 19 February 2015 in the historic Debates Chamber at the University of Glasgow.

Taking place as part of Innovative Learning Week 2015, this will be the second annual intramural debate between students from the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Full details can be found on