LLM students debate responsibility of Internet Service providers at SCRIPT Centre event

On Friday 27 November, Edinburgh Law School’s SCRIPT Centre hosted a debate for LLM students on the motion “This House believes that Internet Service Providers should be responsible for unlawful file sharing on the Internet”.

The debate was organised and led by the class representatives on the 'Intellectual Property Law: copyright and related rights' course (Angela Ndambuki, Christopher Thordson, Giacomo Pizzolon and Jennifer Ching). It was aimed at enhancing the students’ understanding of the diversity of issues at stake in regulation of content-sharing in the digital environment.
Speaking in favour of the motion, the students argued for a sophisticated regime of blocking websites that distribute copyright infringing content. Arguing against the motion, the students highlighted various human rights issues and potential abuses that may result from an extensive website-blocking regime. Both teams argued passionately while demonstrating a nuanced grasp of the topic, but the team opposing the motion secured a clear victory.

The debate was chaired by Dr Smita Kheria, Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law, who awarded two best speaker prizes to Giacomo Pizzolon (LLM in Intellectual Property Law) and Penny Wright (LLM in Innovation, Technology and the Law).

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