Global Justice Academy and Political Settlements Research Project launch peace agreements database

The PA-X database represents over 25 years of human ingenuity in peacebuilding

Edinburgh Law School's Global Justice Academy and Political Settlements Research Programme are delighted to announce the launch of the PA-X Peace Agreement Access Tool database.

PA-X is the largest dataset of its kind to date, containing more than 1500  peace agreement documents from over 140 peace processes between  1990 and 2015, fully coded for quantitative and qualitative analysis. 

Each document has been coded for the presence of over 200 categories including, amongst others, powersharing, reconstruction and SSR, to produce more than 300,000 unique data points. There is also a subset of the database dedicated to gender. 

Former US Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh, who was engaged in peace efforts involving Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Turkey, says, “The database will serve as an invaluable resource for scholars, groups impacted by violent conflict seeking a greater voice in peace processes, and individuals charged with mediating disputes. The knowledge the database provides may foster political settlements that are more inclusive and more sustainable.” 

You can visit and explore the database at Please feel free to tweet any comments at #paxfax.