Professor Emilios Avgouleas leads internal Bank of England seminar

Professor Emilios Avgouleas has led a high level internal Bank of England seminar on bank resolution, following invitation by the Bank’s Director of Financial Stability. The seminar took place on Wednesday 11 February.

Professor Avgouleas gave the keynote presentation followed by comment by Charles Goodhart, Norman Sosnow Professor Emeritus, LSE and the Bank's director of resolution policy.

A large number of Bank directors and senior staff from across the supervision, financial stability and resolution directorates attended the seminar.

About the presentation

The presentation was based on a recent article published by Professor Avgouleas and Professor Goodhart for the inaugural issue of the OUP Journal on financial Regulation and may be accessed here Critical Reflections on Bank Bail-ins Emilios Avgouleas; Charles Goodhart(2015) 1 Journal of Financial Regulation 1.

You can download Emilios's BoE presentation here.

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Professor Emilios Avgouleas is also the Programme Director of Edinburgh Law School's LLM in International Banking Law and Finance.

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