Edinburgh Law School Refurbishment: Sneak Peek

The redevelopment of our famous home is progressing rapidly

The redevelopment of Old College, Edinburgh Law School’s traditional home, is progressing quickly, as preparations are made for our return in the 2018/19 academic year.

We are delighted to provide a few sneak peek images of the building works to give you an insight into how the final product will look.

The main staircase

The most recent development, and one of the most important structural steps, was the installation of our main staircase. The framework was recently installed, and below you can see how it currently looks and a mock-up of what it will look like upon completion. 

The main staircase

How the staircase will look when it is completed

Skylights bring light to the top floor

To bring more light to the top floor, skylights have been installed in the roof. The images below show how they fill the building with light and air.

The new skylights

The Law Library

Here you can see side-by-side the structures that have been erected in the library, and how it will look when it is completed. The skeleton of the library is definitely taking shape and we can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

The law library in construction

Artist's impression of law library

The photograph below shows the spectacular views from the 3rd floor, cementing Old College's position in the heart of the city. 

 The view from the 3rd floor

 We are currently on schedule to return home in late summer. We can’t wait to see what the new building has to offer – after all, as there’s no place like home!

This project has benefitted enormously from the generosity of our alumni and friends, many of whom will have seats named for them in our new lecture theatre.

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