Dr Smita Kheria discusses the complexities of copyright as part of the Edinburgh Festivals

Edinburgh Law School’s Dr Smita Kheria has been engaging audiences at the Edinburgh festivals with her research on the role of copyright for individual creators and the creative industries.

Dr Kheria at Edinburgh Festival

Dr Kheria staged a provocatively titled show ‘No Copyright, No Problem?’ on 19 August, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The show delved into the complexities and controversies involved in copyright law, and was a part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas series - a programme curated by the Beltane Public Engagement Network, and produced by Fair Pley, offering the public an opportunity to engage with researchers in an entertaining environment.

The interactive show, shared stories of creative practitioners’ experiences with copyright, and gave audiences a chance to discuss whether copyright has a positive role to play in today’s post-digital society by raising several questions:

  • What would happen if there was no copyright?
  • Without it, who benefits and who loses out?
  • Is copyright just for corporations, or does copyright also serve the interests of individual creators more effectively than we might think?

The show was also staged at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, on 21 August, as part of the 'Unbound' series of events.  

Dr Kheria also promoted Intellectual Property awareness amongst creative communities by presenting ‘IP rights for Fringe Performers’ on 5 August, as part of the programme of professional development events run by Edinburgh Fringe Central.

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