Dr Kennedy to present at the University of Oslo

Dr Chloë Kennedy, Lecturer in Criminal Law, has been invited to speak at the University of Oslo's Department of Criminology and Sociology.

Dr Kennedy will present at the department's seminar on Criminal Responsibility and the Modern Social Imaginary on 19th August.

The orthodox model of criminal responsibility in contemporary Anglo-American criminal law doctrine and theory is abstract, de-contextualised and regards intentional action as the paradigmatic form of wrongdoing. Some scholars have argued that this conception of criminal responsibility is flawed.

Dr Kennedy's lecture will offer a fresh perspective from which to account for and simultaneously challenge the dominance of this form of criminal responsibility.

Using Charles Taylor's notion of the social imaginary, she will present and account of how this conception of criminal responsibility has come to be axiomatic and how this has limited our capacity to consider alternative possibilities.

Dr Chloë Kennedy is the Programme Director for the LLM in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice for 2015/2016.

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