Dr Isabel Fletcher contributes to the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Liminal Spaces Research Fellow, Isabel Fletcher has been involved with this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Isabel took part in the Festival's 'SciMart' event on Sunday. She spoke at the event on Sustainability: from food systems to stovies and back again, with Christian Reynols from University of Aberdeen. The event was pegged as "A farmers' market with a scientific twist". It brought together food producers, researchers and chefs to reveal the fascinating science behind some of the nation's favourite foodstuffs. 

Isabel also spoke with BBC Scotland's 'Good Morning Scotland' radio show on Saturday ahead of the event about the complications of trying to work out what a sustainable diet actually means, in terms of the difficulties of food production. You can listen to the interview here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b074zlsj#play (48:00)