Dr Campbell presents Current Legal Problems lecture on "Corruption by Organised Crime"

Dr Liz Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law and Evidence, recently delivered a Current Legal Problems lecture at University College London.

Dr Campbell's paper presented at the lecture on the 5th November, was entitled "Corruption by Organised Crime – A Matter of Definition?", and the lecture was chaired by Emeritus Vinerian Professor Andrew Ashworth (University of Oxford).

In her paper Dr Campbell looks at the increased political focus on “corruption by organised crime”, and flags up the limited consideration of the precise scope of the term. Dr Campbell suggests that the dominant usage of the term and the accompanying political narrative are too broad and uncertain, and rest, problematically, on the presumption that the constituent components are definable. So, in this paper Dr Campbell aims for some definitional honesty and clarity. This is important conceptually, but also in respect of proper labelling, given the potential influence on policy, policing and ultimately the law. 

The Current Legal Problems annual lecture series was established over sixty years ago. The lectures are public, and offer a critical analysis of important current legal issues. Dr Campbell's paper will be published in the Current Legal Problems (CLP) annual volume, which is published by Oxford University Press.

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