Dr Anna Souhami is awarded a £7,500 Carnegie Trust Research Incentive Grant

Edinburgh Law School's Dr Anna Souhami, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, has been awarded a Carnegie Trust Research Incentive Grant for her research on policing in remote Scottish islands.

Her project, "Policing at the periphery: understanding police work in the remote Northern islands of Scotland" sets out to explore experiences of police scholarship and practice. Through an extended ethnographic study of policing in remote Scottish islands, it explores the interactions between the distinctiveness of local experience of policing and dominant urban models of policing, and the challenges these raise for theory and practice. These issues are currently of acute strategic importance in Police Scotland. 

Fieldwork will be conducted in Shetland and the Western Islands, two island archipelagos which have important similarities (such as demographics, geography and crime) but distinctive identities, both of which are invested in opposition to the mainland.