Alumnus working with Law School academics and First Minister to promote workplace equality

Alumnus Drew McCusker has spearheaded the #TheseAreOurPrinciples campaign

In May, a campaign designed to promote LGBT+ equality in the workplace was launched by the Law Society of Scotland and the Glass Network. Leading public figures, including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Edinburgh Law School's Professor Hector McQueen set out key principles of law and facts about LGBT+ equality.

Edinburgh Law School alumnus Drew McCusker, trainee solicitor at Jackson Boyd Lawyers and founder of The Glass Network, said the #TheseAreOurPrinciples campaign was more than just a statement about equality, but demonstrated the accomplishments of the Scottish legal profession and its future development.

He said: “The high profile vocal and visible support demonstrated in this campaign comes from all corners of the Scottish legal profession. Whether someone’s workplace is in-house or international, public or private, high street or city centre, #TheseAreOurPrinciples is a campaign which encourages everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender to support diversity in the workplace.

“LGBT+ equality has been increasing in Scotland for decades, from de-criminalisation to marriage. However, equality is not achieved by law alone. It’s important that there is an open and frank discussion of what more we can do. 

“That is why The Glass Network and the Law Society of Scotland are asking ‘What are your principles?’ Sharing this message online is more than a sentiment – it is a visible signal of a law firm or solicitor’s commitment to raising the standards which benefit everyone in the profession regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.”