Academics provide research paper on 'Brexit and the British Bill of Rights'

Research paper features contributions from school staff and was edited by Dr Tobias Lock and Tom Gerard Daly

Edinburgh Law School's Dr Tobias Lock and Tom Gerald Daly (Associate Director for the Centre for Constitutional Law) have just finished editing a research paper on 'Brexit and the British Bill of Rights'. 

The paper is based on the proceedings of a workshop which took place in October and was organised by the Europa Institute, Global Justice Academy, the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law and the Human Rights and the Human Rights Institute of Queen's University Belfast. The workshop was generously supported by the Thomas Paine Initiative. Edinburgh Law School's Professor Christine Bell and Dr Cormac Mac Amhlaigh also made contributions to the paper. 

The research paper reflects the discussions held at the workshop. Although these discussions covered a broad range of topics, human rights protection and the prospect of a regression in existing rights protection was the key focus. The paper delves into how these developments may effect different dimensions across the United Kingdom: the devolution settlements, the peace settlement in Northern Ireland, parliamentary supremacy, the UK's ongoing relationship with the European Union and the UK's international obligations beyond the EU's legal order.

You can download this fascinating and timely paper here.