Academics offer perspectives on Cambridge Analytica scandal

Professor Burkhard Schafer and Judith Rauhofer spoke at a recent community engagement event on Facebook and personal data

On 21 April, Edinburgh Law School's Burkhard Schafer and Judith Rauhofer joined health data expert Mhairi Aitken for an event entitled "Facebook and Your Data: How Worried Should You Be?"

The event saw the panel of experts provide their perspectives on the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal. It was organised by the Beltane Public Engagement Network and People Know How, a Scottish charity focused on developing innovative strategies and services to address social issues.

The event, which focused on the potential risks of unfettered access to, and the sharing of, personal information available through social media at an individual, collective and societal level, took place at St Margaret's House in Edinburgh.

Open discussions allowed members of the local community to develop their thoughts, question the speakers and take part in the ongoing discourse around this hot button issue.