• 21Mar

    Family Law in a Changing Society: Changing Family Forms Conference
    Edinburgh Centre for Private Law

  • Event Starts: 21st Mar 2018 9:30am
    Event Ends: 21st Mar 2018 4:30pm
    Location: St Cecilia's Hall
    Contact Email: law.events@ed.ac.uk

    Edinburgh Centre for Private Law, with funding from SKO Family Law Specialists, was delighted to host an evening Lecture with Sir James Munby on the 20th of March 2018 followed a one day conference, looking at changing families in society and law on the 21st of March 2018.


    20th March 2018 - Sir James Munby Lecture 
    "Changing Families: Family Law Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – A View From South of The Border”


    Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division and Head of Family Justice, England and Wales 


    In his five years as President of the Family Division, Sir James has introduced fundamental changes to practice and procedure in the Division, and had a profound effect on the substantive law, through his judgments - marked by their humanity and empathy.  He is due to step down in July this year, so this will be one of his last lectures as President.  Please join for what promises to be an excellent lecture, followed by a wine reception.


    For a transcript of the lecture please go to:




    21st March 2018 - Family Law: Changing Family Forms Conference  

    Speakers included:

    Lady Wise, Senator of the College of Justice;

    Professor Linda Elrod, Washburn University USA;

    Dr Louise Crowley, UCC Cork; and 

    Dr Andy Hayward, Durham 

    with further comment from practitioners and members of the judiciary, including Sir James Munby and Sheriff Aisha Anwar. 

    The morning session focused on child law and children's rights, while the afternoon session examined adult relationships. Topics covered a range of issues, including the child's best interests in relocation disputes; surrogacy; equal civil partnerships and cohabitation; and denomination and demographic change in marriage.

    This event was made possible thanks to generous funding from the Edinburgh Law School and SKO Family Law Specialists, visit: http://www.sko-family.co.uk/  


    Download the event programme here

    Download the speakers' papers and presentations below:

    Trends in Relocation Evaluating a Child’s Best Interests - Prof Linda Elrod 

    Response by Nicola Gilchrist

    Article 12 of the UNCRC - Tracy Kirk

    Response by Sheriff Sheehan

    Surrogacy - Dr Alan Brown

    Response by Robert Gilmour

    Forming Marriage (a) - Murray McLean 

    Forming Marriage (b) - Murray McLean

    Response by Alison Edmondson

    Irish Family Law (a) - Dr Louise Crowley 

    Irish Family Law (b) - Dr Louise Crowley 

    Response by Ruth Innes

    Equal CPs and Cohabitation - Andy Hayward 

    Response by Kate Dowdalls QC