Previous Environmental Law Lectures in association with Brodies LLP


1. The Charles Smith Memorial Lecture

Mr Terry A'Hearn (CEO of SEPA)

Regulatory Strategy: Scotland and 'One Planet Prosperity'

6th December 2016

Mr Terry A’Hearn has been Chief Executive Officer at ScottishEnvironment Protection Agency since April 2015. He will talk about regulationin the environmental context, in particular SEPA’s new strategy, “One PlanetProsperity” which focuses on the global challenge of reducing the over-use ofthe planet's natural resources. The joint tasks of innovation, collaborationand prosperity, whilst maintaining environmental integrity are at the heart ofthis strategy.”


2. Sir David King Lecture (Title TBC)

 30th January 2017


3. Professor Robin Churchill (University of Dundee)

The Arctic Ocean, Environmental Challenges and the Role of International Law

2nd March 2017 

“The lecture will begin by outlining current threats to the marineenvironment of the Arctic, including global warming and airborne pollution, andthen examine possible future threats, including pollution from shipping andoffshore hydrocarbon activity and the over-exploitation of marine livingresources. The main part of the lecture will then consider the role thatinternational law is playing, or could play, to address those threats."



1. Dr Jane Glass, University of the Highlands and Islands, Centre for Mountain Studies (Perth College UHI)

Malcom Combe, University of Aberdeen and Advisor to the Land reform review group

Dr Calum Macleod, University of Edinburgh School of Geosciences.

'The Environmental Implications of Redistributive Land Reform'

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2.    Professor Maria Lee, University College of London

‘What we have (not) learned: The Governance of GMOs in the EU’



3.    Jacob Werksman ,Principal Adviser, DG-CLIMA, European Commission

  'The Legal Character of International Environmental Obligations in the Wake of the Paris Climate Change Agreement'


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1. Mr.Stephen Tromans QC

"The European Union, the Courts and the Environment"


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2. Prof. Dr. Marjan Peeters from Maastrict University

Mrs. Jenny Hogan, Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables

Mr. Chris Stark, Deputy Director for Energy and Climate Change and Head of Electricity at the Scottish Government

"The Future of the European Union's renewable energy law and its impact on Member States"


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3. Mr.Grant Moir, CEO of the Cairngorms National Park Authority

Mr. Peter Rawcliffe, People And Places Unit Manager at Scottish Natural Heritage

"15 Years of National Parks (Scotland) Act 2000"


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1. Professor Laurence Boisson de Chazournes

Professor of International Law, University of Geneva

"Freshwater and Dispute Settlement"


2. Duncan McLaren

McLaren Environmental, Sweden

"Prospects and Proposals for Climate Geo-Engineering: New Challenges for Policy, Law and Regulation"


3. Professor Nicholas de Sadeleer

Professor of Law, Saint-Louis Brussels

"The EU Internal market and the Environment: Achieving the Right Balance?"



Round table: "The Future of Environmental Regulation and Enforcement in Scotland"
  • Bridget Marshall, Head of Operations Legal, Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • Professor Colin Reid, University of Dundee

Jorge Viñuales, Pictet Chair in International Environmental Law, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva:

"Foreign Investment and the Environment in International Law"

Aileen McHarg, Professor of Public Law, University of Strathclyde:

"Energy Dependence and Independence."



Professor Philippe Cullet, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London:
"Water Law in a Globalised World: the Need for a New Conceptual Framework"

Linda Rosborough, Acting Director, Marine Scotland:
"Devolution and the Development of Marine Policy in Scotland"

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Donald McGillivray, Senior Lecturer, Kent Law School:
"Compensating Biodiversity Loss in the EU"

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Professor Martin Siegert, School of GeoSciences, Edinburgh University: 
"Antarctic Governance and Geopolitics."

Debate: "Environmental Law in the Court Room."
  • The Right Hon Sir Robert Carnwath, Court of Appeal, England and Wales. 
  • Aidan O’Neill QC.

Dr Alexander Proelss, University of Trier:

"International Environmental Law and Global Warming: New Challenges, New Approaches?" 



Professor Hari Osofsky, Washington & Lee University School of Law, Virginia:
"Diagonal Federalism and Climate Change: Implications for the Obama Administration."

Professor Mark Stallworthy, Law Department, University of Swansea:
"Minding the Gap between Hope and Expectation: Reflections on the UK's Climate Change Act."

Dr Hans Vedder, Law Faculty, University of Groningen:
"Shared Competence? Is Room left for National Environmental Policy in the European Union?"

Professor Jonas Ebbesson, Director of Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre, University of Stockholm:

"The Århus Convention: Its impact on Environmental Law, Governance and Justice."



Professor David Freestone, Deputy General Counsel, The World Bank:
"The World Bank and Climate Change."

Professor Ellen Hey, Head of Department of Public International Law, Erasmus University of Rotterdam:
"The Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive: New Relationships between EU and International Law."

Dr Anthony White, Managing Director, Climate Change Capital:
"Financing the switch to a greener economy: does Government have to get back into the energy business?"

Debate: "Environmental law - making it work in the real world."
  • Dr Helen Zeally, Agency Board Member, SEPA and President, Scottish Environment LINK.
  • Fraser Lovell, Regional Solicitor, Regulatory Duties, SEPA.
  • Frances McCartney, Solicitor, Environmental Law Centre, Scotland.



Michael Russell MSP, Minister for Environment, Scottish Government:
"Thinking Globally, Acting with Scotland."

Professor Chris Hilson, School of Law, the University of Reading; Editor, Journal of Environmental Law:
"Let's Get Physical: Civil Liability and the Perception of Risk."

Dr Liz Fisher, Fellow, Corpus Christi College, the University of Oxford:
"The Role of Environmental Courts in Developing Environmental Law: The Administrative Law Dimension."



Dr Maria Gavouneli, Law Faculty, University of Athens: 
"Human Rights and the Environment."

Mr Tim Jewell, Law and Regulation Directorate-General, DEFRA: 
"Fashioning UK Environmental Law under Devolution."

Professor Richard Macrory, University College London: 
"Regulation and the Environment: Taking Sanctions Seriously."

(An Edinburgh Law School Tercentenary Lecture) 



Professor Cameron, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral law and Policy, University of Dundee: "The return of nuclear power: does the current law constrain or promote its use?"

Dr Man Jacobsson, Director of the International Oil Pollution and Compensation Funds, London:
"The international regime on liability and compensation for oil pollution from ships - the environmental aspects."

Dr Charlotte Streck, Climate Focus, Rotterdam:
"The EU as climate change leader? The EU emissions trading scheme."


Professor John Usher, University of Exeter:
"The EC Environmental Liability Directive - Prevention or Cure?"

Debate: “Community Benefit from Windfarms: Strategies and Practicalities”
  • Calum MacDonald MP.
  • Councillor William Ross, Chairman, Sustainable Development Select Committee, Highland Council.
  • Charles Smith, Brodies LLP.
Professor Catherine Redgwell, University College London:
“Biodiversity, Biotechnology and International Law.”


Professor David Pearce OBE, University College London:
"Who owns the environment? Public trust and the economics of European environmental policy."

Dr Colin Clark, Head of Waste Management, Highland Council:
"The reality of implementing the National Waste Plan."

Professor Robin Grove-White, University of Lancaster:

"Genetically modified crops - the debate continues." 



Professor Alan Boyle, School of Law, University of Edinburgh:
"Johannesburg and the future of International Environmental Law: Greener Still?"

Judge David Edward, European Court of Justice:
"Judging Environmental Law: The Task of the ECJ."

Tenth Anniversary Conference: "Land Stewardship and the Environment."
  • Charles Smith, Brodies.
  • Professor George Gretton, School of Law, University of Edinburgh.
  • Andy Wightman, Who Owns Scotland.
  • Malcolm Strang Steel, Scottish Landowners Federation and Turcan Connell.
  • Simon Fraser, Anderson MacArthur & Co


Lloyd Austin, Head of Policy Operations, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds [Scotland]:
"The role of NGOs in developing Countryside Access and other environmental legislation."

Professor Leigh Hancher, University of Tilburg:
"Energy versus the Environment: An EU Solution?"

Dr Michael Anderson, Director of the British Institute for International and Comparative Law:

"Multinational Enterprises and Environmental Damage: Is Civil Liability the Answer?" 



Councillor Mark Lazarowicz, Executive Member for Transport, Edinburgh City Council:
"Implementing an Integrated Transport Policy at a Local Level."

Joanne Scott, University of Cambridge:
"Tangled Webs: Environmental Law in a System of Multi-Level Governance."

Professor Sir Kenneth Calman, Vice-Chancellor and Warden, University of Durham:

"Risk and the Precautionary Principle." 



Ms Sarah Boyack MSP, Minister for Transport and the Environment, The Scottish Executive:
"New Opportunities and New Challenges in a Devolved Environment."

Professor Damien Geradin, Associate Professor of Law, University of Liège and Professor, College of Europe, Brussels:
"Harmonisation vs. Regulatory Competition in Environmental Law: Getting the Level of Regulation Right."

Professor Jacob Werksman, Visiting Associate Professor, Institute of Advanced Studies, United Nations University; and FIELD, London:
"Enforcing Public International Law: Recent Developments in the Environment and Trade Regimes."



Professor Geoffrey Boulton, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Edinburgh University; and Member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution:
"Environmental Standards: The Interplay of Science, Policy and Public Values."

Professor Peter Sand, Lecturer in International Environmental Law, University of Munich; former Legal Advisor for Environmental Affairs, The World Bank, Washington DC:
"Carrots without Sticks? New Financial Mechanisms for Global Environmental Agreements."

Professor Ray Kemp, Manager Risk Services, Europe, Daimes & Moore; Visiting Professor of Risk Management and Risk Communications, University of Surrey:
"Environmental Risk Assessment and Dispute Resolution: a Sustainable Approach."



Professor Dr Hubert Bocken, University of Ghent:
"Changing Perspectives on Civil Liability for Environmental Damage."

Professor Michael Purdue, City University, London:
"Beyond Command and Control: the New Legal Mechanisms for Protecting the Environment."

Professor Colin Reid, University of Dundee:

"Conservation, Designation and Equivocation: Habitat Protection in the United Kingdom." 



Stephen Tromans, Partner and Head of Environmental Law, Simmons & Simmons, London:
"Decontaminating Liability for Contaminated Land."

Patrick Szell, Head of the International Environmental Law Division, Department for the Environment:
"International Environmental Law Assessed in terms of Cause and Effects."

Professor Jans Jans, Europa Institute, Amsterdam:
"European Environmental Standards v. Higher National Interests."


Professor Patricia Birnie, former Director of the IMO International Maritime Law Institute and Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics: 
"Is International Environmental Law Prepared for the Millennium?"

Professor Jeremy Rowan-Robinson, Professor of Planning and Environmental Law, University of Aberdeen:
"Public Access to Environmental Information: A Means to What End?"

Nigel Haigh, Director of the Institute for European Environmental Policy, London:
"The Changing EU Treaties and their Effects on Environmental Policy."



Lord Slynn, Lord of Appeal and President of the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association:
"Enforcing Environmental Law."

James Cameron, Director of the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development:
"Trade and the Environment: The Search for Balance."

Professor Richard Macrory, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford:
"Transporting Environmental Law: Some Legal Reflections on the Royal Commission Report."



Tony Weir, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge:
"Who is to be liable for damage to the environment?"

Ben Browne, Clyde & Co., Solicitors:
"Marine oil pollution compensation with special reference to the BRAER."

Ludwig Krämer, Head of Legal Matters and the Application of Community Law, DG XI of the EC Commission:
"Harmonising civil liability for environmental damage in the European Union."