Workshop on the Law of Donation

Event Name Workshop on the Law of Donation
Start Date 1st Dec 2014 2:00pm
End Date 1st Dec 2014 6:00pm
Duration 4 hours

This workshop seeks to focus on the law of donation: its nature; scope; and relationship with private law concepts.  Perspectives will be offered from the standpoints of the law of property and the law of obligations.  These may examine whether donation is at heart purely a conveyance, or whether it has an obligational, possibly promissory, underpinning. 

Practical issues are also considered, including the way in which an individual may successfully prove that a donation took place in different factual circumstances, and the possible operation of presumptions to determine this issue.  Although the primary focus will be Scots law, a comparative perspective is also offered.     

Free, no registration needed and open to all.