Winter Lecture - Professor Mike Parker

Event Name Winter Lecture - Professor Mike Parker
Start Date 11th Dec 2014 5:00pm
End Date 11th Dec 2014 8:00pm
Duration 3 hours

Professor Mike Parker, (Ethox Centre, University of Oxford) will be presenting his paper, 'Post Genomic Changes in Science and Sharing: Access and the Case of the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium'.

Respondents: Professor Graeme Laurie, (Director of the Mason Institute & Former Head of the Biobank Ethics Committee); Dr Gill Haddow, (Deputy Director of the Mason Institute, Former ELSI Team Member of Generation Scotland)

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Genetics have contributed enormously to the understanding, and in some cases, the treatment or partial eradication of rare genetic disorders. Comparable progress in understanding and intervening in statistically frequent, but genetically complex, diseases had generally been thought impossible. In the post genomic world, optimism regarding the potential to understand the genetic component of conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease lead to projects like the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (WTCCC). The research design included pooling data to create a population large enough to look for multiple associations of small statistical effect between genes and human disease phenotypes and to carry out Genome Wide Associations Studies (GWAS).

Professor Parker sat on the Access Committee dealing with ethical issues arising from the creation of this data rich resource. His ongoing involvement in the Gates Foundation Funded MalariaGen, and more recently in the high profile genomics in health initiative, Genome England, gives him a wide overview of some of the key ethical issues arising in biomedical research over the last decade or more. Additionally, the UK Biobank, a 500,000 strong prospective study, and Generation Scotland, a family based cohort with data collected from 25,000 individuals, were ambitious contemporary projects employing alternative research designs that raised different, but no less important, scientific and governance issues.

Please join us following the presentations for drinks in the Lorimer Room. 

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