Trajectory of Financial Law in the 21st Century: Private Law Perspectives

Event Name Trajectory of Financial Law in the 21st Century: Private Law Perspectives
Start Date 21st May 2014 3:00pm
End Date 21st May 2014 6:00pm
Duration 3 hours

Attendance by invite only. Interested parties should contact Laura Macgregor.

Very few things have changed as radically as global financial markets and the laws and regulations underpinning them in the past 30 years. The big bang moment was of course the Global Financial Crisis followed by the Eurozone debt crisis. Both raised challenges that were met by an avalanche of regulations to mend the broken  system. However, while regulatory and governance reforms have dominated the headlines and academic research, private law underpinning financial markets is also undergoing very important changes.

This workshop organized by Professor Emilios Avgouleas, Chair in international Banking Law and Finance, and Laura Macgregor, Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law, intends to close this gap. Leading scholars and practitioners will present their world renowned research on how the private law of finance is rapidly filling in the gaps to cope with mounting agency problems,  sovereign bond complexities, and the breakdown of structured finance in 2007-2008. Speakers and discussants will also critique the pace of and nature of reform and highlight the interplay between private law changes and regulatory reform. The workshop is kindly chaired by Lord Glennie of the Supreme Courts of Scotland.

A detailed Event Programme can be found here.