Rights Adjudication and Enforcement After Brexit Roundtable

Event Name Rights Adjudication and Enforcement After Brexit Roundtable
Start Date 3rd Jul 2018 2:00pm
End Date 3rd Jul 2018 5:15pm
Duration 3 hours and 15 minutes

Rights Adjudication and Enforcement After Brexit - Roundtable


About the Event:

Brexit poses challenges for the protection of rights in the UK with many rights no longer underpinned by EU obligations. Future attempts at human rights reform will therefore see Parliament able to legislate freely not only on the Human Rights Act, but rights currently protected by EU law. While the more general consequences of Brexit for rights protection are well rehearsed, crucial questions around the interpretation and enforcement of rights have not received much attention in the broader Brexit debate. Yet without becoming clearer on how rights protection will operate in judicial practice, it is very difficult to make informed choices about the best way forward. This roundtable will explore two sets of questions: first, how will the rights protected by the EU Withdrawal Agreement and the EU Withdrawal Bill be protected and enforced? Second, how might rights interpretation and adjudication change in the time following Brexit; in other words what room is there for development?

This roundtable wants to inform and stimulate debate on these questions. It is aimed at policy makers, policy shapers and all those working in a rights environment.

This is the first of three roundtables organised by the Brexit and Rights Engagement Network (BREN). BREN is a network of early-careers legal scholars working in the areas of rights, devolution, and Brexit. The network – supported by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award and led by Dr Tobias Lock of Edinburgh Law School - aims to provide younger scholars to share the findings of their research with an audience outside the academy. Further roundtables will take place in Belfast and London.

Speakers Include: 

  • Dr  Adrienne Yong (City, University London)
  • Dr Davor Jancic (QMUL)
  • Dr Rebecca Zahn (Strathclyde)
  • Darren Harvey (Edinburgh)
  • Dr Katie Boyle (Roehampton)
  • Niall O’Connor (Essex)
  • Navraj Singh Ghaleigh (Edinburgh)


This event is free, but registration is required - expressoins of interest should be made to Dr Tobias Lock - tobias.lock@ed.ac.uk

Supported by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award