Reporting Europe

Event Name Reporting Europe
Start Date 8th May 2014 6:00pm
End Date 8th May 2014 7:30pm
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
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This is a panel discussion dedicated to the role and responsibility of the media when it comes to “Reporting Europe”. The panel is comprised of:

  • Lesley Riddoch, Chair (Journalist and Director Nordic Horizons)
  • Alex Massie (Journalist, writes for the Spectator, the Times and the Scotsman)
  • Paul Gillespie (Journalist, Irish Times)
  • Dr Simon Usherwood (School of Politics, University of Surrey)
  • John Palmer (former European Editor of The Guardian and then Founder/Political Director of The European Policy Centre in Brussels. Visiting Practitioner Fellow at Sussex University European Institute and a member of the Governing Council of the Federal Trust)

The discussion is organised by the University of Edinburgh’s Europa Institute supported by the Office of the European Commission in Scotland.


Media outlets in the United Kingdom are often accused of displaying a bias when it comes to reporting on the European Union and “Europe” in general. This is exemplified by the fabrication of “Euromyths”, the cumulative impact and implications of which were highlighted in strong terms in the Leveson Report. On the other end of the spectrum, the BBC is regularly accused of shutting out EU-critical voices and promoting a liberal pro-EU agenda.

With a possible referendum on Britain’s EU membership on the horizon, this panel of journalists will discuss the responsibility of the media when it comes to the issue of “Europe”. Is it legitimate for media outlets to have a political agenda on the matter? And if so, can such an agenda absolve media outlets from reporting truthfully on European affairs? Does the media have distinct responsibilities in particular where voters are asked to make informed decisions on matters of great public importance? How does the British media landscape compare with that of other European countries? Can they serve as role models for better reporting on Europe?