Patrick Harvie Lecture

Event Name Patrick Harvie Lecture
Start Date 5th Feb 2014 6:15pm
End Date 5th Feb 2014 8:00pm
Duration 1 hour and 45 minutes

Open to all, however registration is required.

Book free tickets to this lecture delivered by Patrick Harvie about how legislative victories can lead to cultural change. The day after the final vote on Equal Marriage in Scotland and so we expect it will be a very interesting lecture.

"The progress toward LGBT+ human rights and equality has been dramatic, and at various times legislation has been seen to drive forward, or to be catching up with, cultural values. Is this a 'chicken and egg' question, or has one force truly been the primary source of our progress? What will be the cultural response now that equality has all but been achieved in legislative terms? And what lessons can be shared with those many countries where LGBT+ human rights are under direct attack?"

There will be a drinks reception after this event.