"Painting by Numbers: The Changing Landscape of Crime in Scotland"

Event Name "Painting by Numbers: The Changing Landscape of Crime in Scotland"
Start Date 18th Mar 2014 5:15pm
End Date 18th Mar 2014 6:15pm
Duration 1 hour

This lecture will consider the dramatic change in patterns of crime that have been observed in Scotland in recent years and explore whether it represents real cultural and behavioural change. Specifically, it will explore the place of young people in this changing landscape and consider the implications for changes in patterns of offending - at both the aggregate and the individual levels - on our formal responses to the problem of youth offending. The lecture will present key findings from two major programmes of research - the Applied Quantitative Methods Network Crime and Victimisation Study and the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime - to highlight the increasing importance of quantitative research in informing theory, policy and practice. In exploring these issues, both the challenges and the opportunities of building capacity in quantitative criminology will be considered.