Nations, Regions and Localities in the Politics of Crime Control

Event Name Nations, Regions and Localities in the Politics of Crime Control
Start Date 21st Feb 2014 2:00pm
End Date 21st Feb 2014 5:00pm
Duration 3 hours

Open to all staff and PhD students.


Professor Máximo Sozzo, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina

Professor Dario Melossi, University of Bologna, Italy


Richard Sparks, University of Edinburgh


This seminar forms part of the ESRC seminar series on ‘Crime control and devolution’. Thus far four seminars have been held in this series – in Cardiff, Oxford, Belfast and Edinburgh – and with certain important exceptions their focus has been on the complexities of the crime control landscape of the UK since devolution.  Of course other nation-states also have complex internal arrangements, many of them dating back very much further, which create different centres of decision-making and influences on policy. We are familiar with some effects of this in the United States, and the tensions that sometimes arise between federal authorities and states in respect of such matters as capital punishment, prison conditions, gun control, and so on. However, similar questions about jurisdiction, effectiveness, democratic accountability, arise around the world and these have significant practical and conceptual implications to which students of these matters, in criminology at least, have often not paid sufficient attention. 

This seminar is one of a number of events that we hope to arrange over coming months to address these issues in European and wider international contexts.