Biocultural Community Protocols and Benefit-sharing: An Interdisciplinary Enquiry

Event Name Biocultural Community Protocols and Benefit-sharing: An Interdisciplinary Enquiry
Start Date 11th Mar 2014 12:30pm
End Date 11th Mar 2014 1:30pm
Duration 1 hour

Speaker: Elisa Morgera (School of Law, University of Edinburgh)


"Benefit-sharing" can be understood as the allocation among different stakeholders of economic as well as socio-cultural and environmental advantages arising from the use of natural resources. It is not clear, however, whether benefit-sharing can conceptually and practically serve as a creative and constructive legal tool for equitably addressing global environmental challenges by accommodating the special circumstances, cultural preferences and vulnerabilities of developing countries and of indigenous peoples and local communities in transitioning to the green economy. The talk will provide an opportunity to discuss the objectives and proposed methodology of an inter-disciplinary study of ‘biocultural community protocols’ as tools for articulating and implementing benefit-sharing at the intersection of international, transnational, national and indigenous communities’ customary law. The study will integrate empiricial legal research and political sociology and be carried out, inter alia, through field missions (in partnernership with two NGOs) in India, Malaysia, South Africa, Guatemala, and in the Greek island of Ikaria.


Elisa Morgera is Senior Lecturer in Global Environmental Law. She specialises in European, international and comparative environmental law, and researches the interactions and influences among international, EU and national law. Her current research focuses particularly on equity issues in biodiversity law and linkages with human rights law under an ERC-funded programme titled "Benefit-sharing for an equitable transition to the green economy- the role of law" (Oct 2013-Sept 2018)