Big Data and Forensic Statistics

Event Name Big Data and Forensic Statistics
Start Date 5th Sep 2014 9:00am
End Date 5th Sep 2014 5:00pm
Duration 8 hours

Attendance is free, however interested parties should contact in the first instance.

Over the last few years, “big data” has emerged as a major topic in the discussion on the future of the internet and an internet driven economy. At the same time it has also led to a debate about the future of science, with some proponents going as far as suggesting that it heralds the “end of scientific theory”. There has been so far only little discussion in the forensic science and evidence law communities on the opportunities and challenges that the “big data paradigm” will bring for forensic statistics, forensic science and legal reasoning. This workshop will bring together statisticians, lawyers and forensic scientists to discuss if our legal system is prepared for the “Big Data Revolution” once it reaches the trial courts. We aim to identify research and training needs to prepare lawyers and also forensic practitioners for the challenges ahead.

Lunch will be provided.