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Philippe Sands on the Making of Modern Human Rights

Guncha Sharma is a candidate for the Global Justice Academy’s LLM in Human Rights, and a GJA Student Ambassador for 2018-19. From India, she is also one of three recipientsof the GJA’s LLM Human Rights scholarship awards for this year, … Continue reading →

Published on 13th November 2018

Energy Policy at the crossroads: How Nord Stream 2 is challenging the Internal Energy Market

Francesca Batzella Nord Stream 2 is possibly one of the most debated and controversial topics in energy policy and it has been so since feasibility studies for this project started in 2011. According to the European Commission, ‘the Nord Stream 2 project does not contribute to the Energy Union objectives of giving access to new …

Published on 12th November 2018

Blog Relaunch: Focusing on the Future

Chad Damro, Elke Heins and Tobias Lock The European Union (EU) faces a time of unprecedented challenges, including but not limited to, the rise of populism, Brexit, relations with neighbours and crises in euro governance, refugees and rule of law. To engage with and strengthen analyses of European futures at this crucial crossroads in its …

Published on 5th November 2018

Brexit and rights of third-country nationals under EU internal market freedoms

Richard Steppe and Wouter Devroe LERU Brexit Seminar   Introduction After a Brexit, can companies established in Germany provide services to a recipient in France through a branch in the United Kingdom? This query, which has generally been addressed several times by the Court of Justice of the EU (the “CJEU” or “Court”), is topical …

Published on 31st October 2018

The legal nature of the withdrawal agreement

Katharina Behrend LERU Brexit Seminar   The negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom (UK) about the UK’s withdrawal from the EU in March 2019 are underway. For both sides Brexit has proven to be much more difficult so far than expected. This can be observed with regard to its political but also its …

Published on 31st October 2018

Second ESCLH Postgraduate Conference

Second Postgraduate Conference in Comparative Legal History 27–29 June 2019, Augsburg University (Germany) Call for Papers

Published on 29th October 2018

Solving the autonomy conundrum: Can the UK avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland without subjecting itself to EU judges?

Armin Cuyvers LERU Brexit Seminar     Solving Northern Ireland, the main obstacle to an orderly Brexit, is primarily a political challenge. EU law, however, imposes some legal limits that make this political challenge even harder. One of the less-known but potentially deal-breaking limits is the autonomy of EU law. Briefly put, autonomy can force …

Published on 29th October 2018

Inaugural Lecture Chair of Roman Law Paul J du Plessis

On 10th October, 2018, Professor Paul du Plessis gave his inaugural lecture in his Chair of Roman Law in the Playfair Libraryin Old College. The lecture was chaired by the Head of the School of Law, Professor Martin Hogg. The … Continue reading →

Published on 29th October 2018

Forthcoming Legal History Events in Edinburgh

Readers of the Blog may be interested in the two forthcoming events. The first is a Seminar on Thursday 25th October by Dr Emma Macleod of the University of Stirling on the subject of ‘How to Do a Treason Trial: … Continue reading →

Published on 23rd October 2018

Substantial new work comparing European contract law

My attention was drawn earlier this week to a substantial new work (2,384 pages in length) edited by Professors Nils Jansen and Reinhard Zimmermann which compares the core doctrines and rules of contract law from the perspective of the plethora … Continue reading →

Published on 18th October 2018