Corporate Compliance: Case Studies in Law and Ethics

Course summary

Dr Marie Gerardin, Course Organiser, introduces the Corporate Compliance course.

This course will examine the legal, ethical, and social compliance issues that arise in an international business setting. Each session will consider regulations from different countries, international standards, and guidance documents that address issues from bribery to working conditions in factories.

Case study analysis will be used to not only identify non-compliant practices, the consequences of violations, and the lack of leadership accountability, but also to highlight successful codes of conduct, transparent compliance programs, and ethical corporate cultures. This course focuses on real-world legal issues, legal accountability, and the interconnections between multi-national corporations and governments around the world.


  1. Introduction to international corporate compliance
  2. Anti-corruption, anti-bribery law
  3. Anti-trust, competition law
  4. Corporate social responsibility standards and human rights
  5. Financial regulations
  6. Environmental compliance
  7. Technology, wireless compliance
  8. Foreign investment oversight and regulations
  9. Ethical leadership and corporate culture
  10. Compliance management - accountability and transparency

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • explain business regulations and the challenges posed in a transnational setting;
  • understand the application of international commercial law and critique issues related to violations of these laws and international standards:
  • argue the benefits of a robust compliance program that includes a corporate code of conduct policy and recommend strategies to build a compliant corporate culture.


4000-word essay (60%); assessed course work (20%); participation in online activity (20%).

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